next event futurepynk x the royal jungle 23.11
next event futurepynk x the royal jungle 23.11
next event futurepynk x the royal jungle 23.11
next event futurepynk x the royal jungle 23.11
next event futurepynk x the royal jungle 23.11
next event futurepynk x the royal jungle 23.11
next event futurepynk x the royal jungle 23.11
FUTUREPYNK EVENT: Join us on September 22nd
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HAck but made PYNK

europes most diverse hackathon

Kick-start your career with code and creativity! Meet and compete with like-minded students from diverse backgrounds and set the ball rolling for your entrepreneurial journey. Take the first step towards changing the world for good.

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why attend?

Join us at our first hackathon with a full focus on empowerment for aspiring entrepreneurs!

No matter what gender, academic background, or skills you bring, you are welcomed! In complementary teams, you’ll combine your strengths so that you can create great things!

You’ll have 36h packed-out hours to create, code, prototype and partner up with your team and the most interesting partner companies and mentors.

We bring together the brightest minds in business, tech and social sciences from universities across europe, paving the way for young entrepreneurs to break into the entrepreneurial ecosystem world.

Get your foot in the door

Put your skills to the test and compete with the brightest students from diverse backgrounds, think interdisciplinary and adapt new skills!

Learn from experts

Expand your knowledge by attending the workshops, interacting with the partner companies and especially by using the mentorship program!

Grow your network

Meet like-minded students, share learnings and develop a professional network - the conversation you start here can lead to exciting opportunities later!


Learn more about the incredible industry professionals and businesses we’re partnered with to make FUTURE PYNK Hack happen.

Interested in joining them? Discover the benefits of working with FUTUREPYNK and the START Network and invest in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the future!

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Hey! Welcome to the FUTUREPYNK Hack 2023, open until September 18th ! 🚀
Here is how to choose the application form that suits you.

Applying with a group?

If you plan on applying with a team, please select Group

Applying as an individual?

If you plan on applying without a team, please select Individual

any questions?

Who can apply to FUTUREPYNK Hackathon?

Everyone! Regardless of their gender, preference, technical background, everyone can apply for to FUTUREPYNK Hackathon

Do I need to be a student?

No, everyone is welcome!

Does it cost something to participate?

No, the hackathon and drinks are free of charge

What do I have to bring with me?

Your laptop and a yoga mat for optimal exercises ;)

Can I apply when I am not a computer scientist?

Of course! If you are interested in New technologies, solving problems and working in a team you are 100% right here

Can I choose my team and challenge?


Do I have to buy a ticket for the Conference?


See you in september <3

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We'd love to hear from you!

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